Sabah Umno Youth calls for Ahmad Zahid’s resignation

Sabah Umno Youth calls for Ahmad Zahid’s resignation

KUALA LUMPUR,. With the latest development in Umno that saw its entire liaison committee members in Sabah and almost all the divisional chiefs in the state announcing their resignation, the remaining members are seeking for its president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamid to resign from the post for the party to progress and move on.

Sabah Umno Youth vice-chief Ghazalie Ansing said the party’s Supreme Council should ask Ahmad Zahid to resign if he did not want to do it voluntarily.

“We want Umno to be led by someone who is capable of leading this sacred party…the uncertainty of the president in determining Umno’s direction has resulted in many party leaders and members leaving.

“The president does not command respect from Umno leaders and members, and he is also seen as trying to make the party a shield to protect him against (court) cases facing him,” Ghazali said in a statement here today.

Ghazalie, who is also Tawau Umno Youth leader, said despite almost all the party divisional leaders in Sabah having left Umno, the state Umno youth movement would continue to fight for Umno’s survival in Sabah. — Bernama