Shape your tummy via crowdfunding

Shape your tummy via crowdfunding

Are you worried about your bulging tummy?

Any method to get shaped and regain confidence through wellness treatment?

There is an alternative to address the ‘spare tyre’ tummy.

In an effort to introduce My Quest for a Healthier Me, Amante Wellness Beauty had kick-started a campaign to overcome the bulging tummy problem.

It is simple where a passionate soul, should sponsor the campaign by donating to crowdfund and motivating you to lose inches off your tummy.

As a supporter, they will be rewarded by Amante through wellness treatment which delivers an exceptional healing experience.

For a person to qualify the campaign they need to have raised RM 1,900 through crowd-fund.

Successful crowd-fund will undergo 4 weeks Tummy Shaper Firming Treatment Programme conducted by Amante.

Amante in Spanish term known as ‘lover’ is hoping to make a difference for Malaysians to shed their excess weight eventually reducing their health risk conditions.

At the same time, it also aims to raise funds to help those who need haemodialysis.

Amante also works together with crowdfunding platform Mystartr and sponsors including Dr Juice as well as Hua Ying Wushu & Tai Chi Academy.

Amante was established in 2005 to create a total wellness beauty from within. They take pride in delivering an exceptional healing experience to each guest with an affordable price and are appealing to broad customer base with their current 7 outlets.

Since then, the company has expanded offering more exquisite services to improve health and wellness.

As they continue to grow, more services including those catering for men have been introduced.

The enrolment date will be from October 20 to December 31.  The funding period will be from October 20 to January 14, 2018.

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