Stop making Sabah as fixed deposit in elections, Shafie fires BN

Stop making Sabah as fixed deposit in elections, Shafie fires BN

Parti Warisan Sabah president Shafie Apdal has reminded the Sabahans that this state and Sarawak should no longer treated as ‘fixed deposit’ for the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional (BN).

Speaking in front of 5,000 attendees at Dewan Hakka, Batu 6, Sandakan, Shafie said all this while the BN government have been using both Sarawak and Sabah as fixed deposit to garner more parliamentary seats and make BN to have a stronger grip in each general elections.

He said the natural resources in the country allow the country to be rich but the ‘rakyat’ are still poor and suffering with unnecessary implementation of GST.

Shafie vowed that with his new dimension and party ideology, will scrap off the attitude of BN in the next GE 14.

Not only that, Shafie said during his tenure as former rural minister has advised the cabinet several times on the imbalance between urban and rural people.

Shafie wanted rural people given better lifestyle compared to urban people.

He said Umno has lost its ideology in champion the cause of the people, that’s the reason he created a new party to lead and win for the rakyat.

He labelled the Umno as ‘United Malay Najib Organisation’.

Shafie also revealed that RM 138 billion is collected from tax system not even including GST.

He said has advised the cabinet to spend wisely but goes to deaf ears.

He added that there are so many special branch officers here, he advised them to write and let the government know my points as it’s for the public’s welfare.

Shafie also justified that he created his new party not merely for position but a party that will help the rakyat.



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