Students from Semporna invent origami metal frame to prevent people being trapped in fires

Students from Semporna invent origami metal frame to prevent people being trapped in fires

SEMPORNA: A flexible and easy-to-remove origami-like metal frame that can help prevent people from getting trapped in fires – this life-saving invention won an international award recently.

It is, however, not the creation of scientists but a group of students and a teacher from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Bugaya II, here.

Their invention won an award at the 2018 International Intellectual Property Contest, Innovation and Technology Exhibition held in Bangkok, Thailand.

Accompanying teacher, Azlinah Ispal, said the idea for their innovation came from the tahfiz fire in Kuala Lumpur on Sept 14 last year which killed 21 students and two teachers.

“At the early stage, we used paper and food tongs. Then we tried different materials and found that R5 iron was suitable for use,”she said, adding they also faced hurdles especially in coming up with a design that is strong and solid but can be removed within seconds.

Azlinah said the team comprised Form Five students Nurul Shafiqah Abdullah, Erna Ermirah Amil Hasan, Nur Zahirah Zainal Abidin and Nurlinda Mad Sail.

They worked hard and sometimes even stayed at school until night time.

The origami metal frame design is strong and solid yet easy to remove by house-owners within seconds. Pix courtesy of Azlinah Ispal

“This framework obtained approval from the Fire and Rescue department and Universiti Malaysia Sabah for its structure and usage before it was brought to the competition,”she said.

The prototype, with an optical illusion feature, has an area of 0.4 square metres with hidden key holes.

SMK Bugaya II is a Transformation School TS25 1.0 which practices the Project-based learning concept where students are guided to produce prototypes for specific situations.

The origami metal framework is the pioneer project for the school.