Super Junior’s Choi Si-won ‘thinking deeply’ about marriage

Super Junior’s Choi Si-won ‘thinking deeply’ about marriage

In Dragon Blade Choi plays lieutenant Yin Po, who has a pivotal role when Jackie Chan’s Huo An is is accused of treason. They later encounter the Roman consul Tiberius (Adrien Brody), who is hunting renegade Roman general Lucius (John Cusack).

Speaking to reporters in Singapore after a media conference for the film, Choi said he finally realised why Chan is widely respected after working with him on Dragon Blade.

“He always thinks about the next generation. He is always humble. He always helps people. I am very glad to know him,” said Choi, adding that he had a lot of fun working on Dragon Blade – but would have loved to have gotten more screen time in the movie.

“I actually discussed this problem a lot with Daniel Lee (Dragon Blade’s director). He said ‘Si-won, you have to promise me you will appear in my next film before you go into the army’. I said ‘Okay. But next time, you must give me a lot of screen time!’ So he agreed and told me to treat this time as a warm up,” said Choi.

But if fans fear that they will not get to see enough of him on screen, Choi assured that he has three movies and two dramas in the works, and hopes to be able to produce an independent film in the future.

Choi explained that he has taken on more acting projects, as there are no plans for Super Junior to cut a new album yet, and most of the band members are also busy with their individual activities like hosting television shows and radio programmes.


When asked if he has considered settling down, Choi said he has been thinking about it ever since his group mate Lee Sung-min married actress wife Kim Sa-eun last year.

“We (Choi and Lee) have known each other for about 13 years and I saw him every day because we work together. Now he is married and he has his own family. Honestly, after Sung-min got married, I really started thinking deeply about marriage,” said Choi.

What does it take to be Mrs Choi Si-won?

“My dream girl is someone who can get along with my parents really well and be a strong bridge between my own family and them. She has to be understanding, because as artistes, we are often not home because of our job, always working, making movies. She also has to be someone who can manage my family,” said Choi.

“She has to be pretty too,” he added.

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