Taeyang’s intensely physical show dazzles fans in Singapore

Taeyang’s intensely physical show dazzles fans in Singapore

Like BIGBANG’s leader G-Dragon, who has successfully carved out a name for himself as a solo artiste, Taeyang has recently released his solo album and embarked on his solo concert tour, of which Singapore was one of the stops. Here, the 26-year-old star wowed the 4,000-strong audience with his music, impossibly smooth dance moves and sheer physicality of his performance.

The moment he stepped on stage, there was a surge of movement in the stands, as the overwhelmingly-female audience leaned forward and craned their necks to see Taeyang belt out his song Body.

Taeyang revelled in the attention and the cheers from the enthusiastic crowd that threatened to drown out his singing. He danced with an infectious energy which was matched by his equally-gifted dance team.


After a slew of upbeat songs, Taeyang slowed things down with You’re My, which had the audience mouthing the words as they moved to the beat. Then, in a Bieber-esque moment, he serenaded a lucky female fan on stage

“What are you doing later?” asked Taeyang. The girl was so excited she just kept nodding and saying “Yes!” even before he asked if he could be her boyfriend for the evening. The screams of delight from the crowd were simply deafening, and got even louder when he hugged the girl from behind.

The only time they screamed louder was when Taeyang whipped off his shirt and showed off his eye-popping physique before launching into another series of songs.

“Are you enjoying the show so far? I have been waiting a really long time for this. I’m really happy! All I’ve been waiting for was to meet you guys on this stage,” said Taeyang, as cheers erupted from the audience. “He is soooo cute!” cooed one audience member when Taeyang flashed a boyish grin while shirtless.

The singer powered through several other songs like Good Boy and Love You To Death and was not even breathing hard despite executing complex dance routines as he sang. He was in tip-top shape, and, as if to prove a point, he stripped off his top once more and threw it into the crowd, causing a small commotion in the mosh pit.

Taeyang seemed to have pulled out all the stops to set himself apart from BIGBANG, and emerge from the long shadow of the band’s leader G-Dragon.

“Is it okay without GD? Was it enough without GD?” asked Taeyang after Good Boy, a collaboration between him and G-Dragon. The answer to both questions was a resounding “Yes!” from the audience. While he said he is glad to have the chance to go solo, Taeyang still performed a number of BIGBANG’s songs like Fantastic Baby and Bad Boy during his show, a sign he still very much sees himself as part of the band.

Taeyang quite literally gave his all during the show. He gave away the shoes and cap he wore during the show to concert-goers through a lucky draw, and threw his scarf into the crowd as well towards the end of the show. That was apparently still not enough for one fan, who screamed “I want your number!” during the give-away.

If his Singapore concert is anything to go by, Taeyang has the right mix of boyish charm and sex appeal to create a loyal fan base, and appears to be on track to become an outstanding solo artiste.

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