Tankers ease water shortage woes

Tankers ease water shortage woes


PETALING JAYA,.  Putra Heights residents were overjoyed when a 30,000-litre water tanker pulled up in the neighbourhood as their storage tanks were running low.

Residents from Sections 7, 8 and 9 came carrying empty containers of all shapes and sizes when the tanker arrived yesterday afternoon.

Similar scenes played out around the Klang Valley as the water disruption, originally expected to last four days until today, was extended to Sunday after a mishap at the Sungai Selangor Phase 3 treatment plant, where repair work was being carried out.

Hundreds of thousands of consumers are facing a desperate water shortage as they did not expect the disruption to be prolonged.

Some residents were even seen carrying empty cookie jars and large plastic storage boxes in addition to water bottles and pails.

Most were seen going back for second and third refills for fear that they would not have enough clean water to last them until Sunday.

“We finished the water we stored on Wednesday and had to drive to the nearest 24-hour water stop at USJ4,” said Laman Putra residents association (RA) assistant secretary Carol Teoh.