Tata Motors Thailand To Expand Mart

Tata Motors Thailand To Expand Mart

BANGKOK, Oct 16 (Bernama) — Tata Motors Thailand will expand its market, introduce new products and lift the quality of after-sales services, said its chief executive officer, Sanjay Mishra.

He said the company would definitely introduce new products in the third quarter of this fiscal year ending March 2015.

He said pick-up truck waiting to be launched by year-end would be the Tata Xenon Refresh.

“It is equipped with a new diesel engine, new gear system and more internal and external features.

“We have made continuous developments in our products to make them look more stylish which suit the Thai customers’ needs,” he said at the 2014 Tata Motors Thailand Dealers’ Conference in Bangkok, Thursday.

Sanjay said people tended to think that those who drove Tata pickup were drivers, not the owners themselves as most Tata pickups were commercial vehicles that customers purchased for the purpose of delivering goods.

“The company is expanding its market and is launching the Tata Xenon Refresh so that owners themselves can drive around with,” he said.

Aside from the Tata Xenon Refresh, Tata Motors also planned to introduce one of the company’s line of tractors – Tata Prima, he said.


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