Terror groups use religion as anchor to champion its cause – Prof Sundramoorthy.

Terror groups use religion as anchor to champion its cause – Prof Sundramoorthy.

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 19 – Terror groups use religion as an anchor to champion its cause, legitimize their unthinkable acts of violence in the name of religion and God says Prof P Sundramoorthy of Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Speaking to AsiaNewsToday, he believed that terrorist do not respect the basic rights of  fellow humans and operate on the principle of destroying anything that fall on their chosen path.

“Maybe the doctrine of totalitarianism justifies the root causes of terrorism. They want to decide what is right and wrong, good and bad for all mankind.

“They don’t want people who think, who questions, who criticises and who analyses. Totalitarian governments will systemically brainwash its subjects.  The will never allow the moral consciousness of people to exist or prevail.

“Individuals will cease to exist. The concept of civil societies will be buried,” said Sundramoorthy.

He even describes that those who identify themselves with terror groups and participate in terror acts will rule as terrorists.

”They will never protect freedom, liberty and human rights. Tyranny without any doubt will prevail through dictatorship when terrorist group become the ruling government.

“Only in totalitarian governments under tyranny rule can the culture of terrorism flourish and democratic nations must courageously take measures to eliminate all forms of terrorism.

The crime and policing expert also advocates that not to allow terrorism to breed in sovereign nations.

“Terrorism will never be able to flourish in nations where civil rights, human rights and democracy are strongly grounded and protected by the people and the government.

“The respect and dignity for fellow humans must be constantly observed and practised.

“We must without fear condemn all form of terrorist acts especially when such acts are carried out in the name of religion and God.

“We live freely and we die freely and this must remain constant,” added Sundramoorthy.

Photo Credit – thestar.com.my