They were road bullies out to get me, says woman in viral video

They were road bullies out to get me, says woman in viral video


PETALING JAYA,.  It was a road bully that was tailgating the woman who claimed that police were indifferent to her situation in a viral video made on Tuesday (March 12).

In a second video uploaded by the woman, she claimed that a police officer had contacted her and told her that the men were following her car because she had swerve into their lane.

“I could be wrong because the road I was driving was really dark and it was under construction so I may have ‘makan jalan'”, she said in the video on her Facebook page.

The woman claimed that the incident could have happened at a road under construction in Alam Damai in which the road from a two lane converges into a one lane road.

However, she said even if she had swerved into the other car’s road, there was no reason for them to act in such a manner.

“I may be at fault but I did not hit that person’s car or did I do anything, I just may have got in their way,” she said, adding that if the other car had thought it was an offence then they could have just made a police report.

Commenting on her first attempt to lodge a report, she said the police had not let her into the compound of the police station and kept her waiting outside because the police did not allow public cars in that space.

The woman added that the police needed to differentiate between a distress situation or a public car.

“If I have a police report to make do I park my car and walk in in the middle of the night?” she asked.

The victim has since made a report at 3pm Tuesday and the police have apprehended the three suspects.

All three men are 18 years old and the case would be investigated under Section 506 of the Penal Code for criminal intimidation.