This woman can get dressed in just 1.875 seconds

This woman can get dressed in just 1.875 seconds


GEORGE TOWN,.  She might even be faster than Superman changing in the phone booth. Magician Sylvia Lim can get dressed in 1.875 seconds, and she has four Guinness World Records to prove it.

With her magician husband Avery Chin, they scored their fourth record in Hong Kong: 16 dresses changed in 30 seconds.

Their lightning fast act involves Chin raising a blind over Lim and then dropping it less than two seconds later to show his wife in a completely different dress.

Their first three world records were for the most costumes changed in a minute.


The couple, who are in their 30s, secured their first Guinness World Record on Sept 28, 2016, at a show in Wuhan, China, which saw them complete 18 dress changes in a minute. Then, they managed to bring it to 22 times a minute on the Japanese television show Love Saves the Earth in Japan on Aug 27, 2017.

On Sept 2, 2017, Lim managed to slip in and out of 24 sensational dresses in a minute during the Penang Street Food Festival.

With their latest 16-in-30-seconds record, the husband and wife theoretically beat all their previous records since it technically means they can achieve 32 in a minute if they kept it up.

Chin said the rule by Guinness World Records was revised from achieving at least nine to 15 costumes changed within 30 seconds.

“We didn’t expect to win because we had initially aimed for only 12 costume changes,” he said.

He added that his wife had sprained her leg during practice and they both had a fever from lack of rest after practising hard daily.

“We hope this achievement will motivate young magicians in Malaysia.

“It’s important to not give up the dream and to continue improving the magic tricks,” he said.