Tian Chua – The Audacious Reformist

Tian Chua – The Audacious Reformist

Tian Chua – The audacious reformist

In any street demonstration for a good cause that aligns to healthy nation building, you can see this man relentlessly showing his support.

He is a common and notable stature from the Reformasi days, continues to help the people in any circumstances.

Even an ordinary person approaches him for assistance, this man will find means to resolve the problem.

This humbly narrated man is none other than Chua Tian Chang fondly known as Tian Chua with his trademark friendly smile towards everyone.

Tian Chua is a successful Malaysian politician and former Member of Parliament for the Batu constituency in Kuala Lumpur.

At present, he holds the position of vice-president in Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), a governing party in the Malaysian parliament.

For the upcoming party elections, Tian Chua will again contest for the vice-president position, many of his supporters and well-wishers want him to make a comeback.

The Malacca born politician became a popular figure in 1999 when images of him sitting defiantly in front of police water cannon truck during the mass protest against the sacking of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, then Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister.

Tian Chua was arrested under ISA in 2001 together with six other activists. He and 5 others were subsequently detained without trial in Kamunting for two years.

Tian Chua has been an ardent and truthful supporter of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, fighting persistently till Pakatan Harapan succeeded to overthrow BN and brought about a change of government after 61 years.

Not only we can see Tian Chua in party activities, you can name any Opposition rallies, student movement gatherings, he will be there giving support and not to miss his broad smile.

The police had arrested him numerous times and yet he can maintain the smile in front of the people. It reflects a true reformist who wants to bring change and governance for the country.

The efforts is the rise of a Better and New Malaysia. However, in the last General Election, the Election Commission cited a dubious legal ground to bar Tian Chua from nomination to contest and defend his seat as a Member of Parliament.

Despite the disappointment of his supporters and constituents, yet again Tian Chua with high spirits introduced a new kid to contest the Batu seat and groom the independent candidate in the constituency.

Without fail, Tian Chua has proved to be a successful politician and member of parliament for his Batu area.

If you ask any of the people around in Batu area, they will give positive remarks about him. He brought positive development in that area.

The country needs Tian Chua in many ways especially in bringing a healthy and positive change that will leave a legacy for the youths to continue.

Let’s usher Tian Chua to continuous success in the party election. We need true political fighters like Tian Chua to keep a strong, clean and transparent government that will serve the people.

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