Time to diversify Terengganu’s economic opportunity – Idris Jala

Time to diversify Terengganu’s economic opportunity – Idris Jala


Pemandu Associates Sdn Bhd President and CEO Datuk Seri Idris Jala has envisaged Terengganu to transform as one of the vital tourist spot in the country.

During his speech at an event in Kuala Lumpur launching the tourism master plan for the Terengganu state, Idris said it is high time for the state to diversify its economy and be less dependant in oil and gas sector.

According to Idris, Terengganu has its beauty and mother nature that can attract more tourist to visit the state.

He pointed out, generally there are 208 attractions in Terengganu and Pemandu associates will reveal a greater master plan in its study during the Dec 23 launch that will also focus on the the key areas of tourist attractions.

Idris also touched that Terengganu is blessed with huge potential of tourist attraction areas such as the Kenyir lake, Setiu island, natural hot springs and the Zoo in Kemaman.

Idris also vowed the tourism sector will be transformed step by step that will align well with it’s operational fundamentals.

On top of the master plan, Idris also pointed out there should be a score card that will serve as an indicator to attract more tourist to the state.

He even threw the idea of packaging the available product and tourist spots that will enable the tourist stay longer and spend more eventually increasing  economic growth of the state.

For a start, Idris targets 80 per cent domestic and 20 per cent of international tourist to visit the state by 2025.

He exampled Oman becoming less dependant on Oil and Gas sector, turning the country to focus on tourism, which will enroute the similar methodology transforming Terengganu’s economic viability.

Based on a press release by the Menteri Besar’s office, The State aims to achieve 6.5 million tourists and tourism receipts of RM 6B by 2025.

This is a growth of 60% on number of tourists from the 4 million tourists received in 2015.

The sector aims to create more than 7000 jobs.

Research has shown that there is a multiplier effect of 3 to economic development and 2.5 in creating job opportunities; the State aspires to harness this potential opportunity for its local community.

Tourism is an effective tool for job creation, development of enterprise and economic growth.  It is a big business, and open for everyone.

To realise this aspiration, the State Government in collaboration with PEMANDU Associates is working on a master plan that will transform the tourism industry and create a sustainable business model.