Veteran actress in critical condition

Veteran actress in critical condition


RENOWNED Malaysian entertainer Datuk Lai Meng (pic), 90, was admitted to hospital on Tuesday with a critical illness, Sin Chew Entertainment reported.

According to her godson Bjarne Wong, the veteran actress, whose real name is Lai Kwai Yoon, is currently under observation in the hospital.

“We may hold a press conference later because there are some things she wants us to complete on her behalf,” he said.

There was so much trash left behind by domestic tourists in one of Beijing’s most popular travel destinations that cleaning staff each had to carry 10kg of trash down the mountain for days, China Press reported.

Thanks to the long Labour Day holiday last weekend, tourists started flocking to Badaling – the most-visited section of the Great Wall of China.

For five days, the place was full of people. It was full of rubbish as well when they left.

When interviewed by the media, one cleaner said they were used to such challenges in their work.

Zhang Cuiying, a survivor of the Nanjing Massacre in the 1930s, died on Monday at the age of 88, the same daily reported.

According to the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese invaders, she was the 11th survivor to have passed away this year.

Zhang, who was born on Dec 18, 1930, was seven years old when the Japanese invaded China. She hid with her parents in reed marshes for a month.

She also had her head shaved bald and her face smeared with charcoal ash to avoid being recognised as a girl.