What’s wrong with the bad English?

What’s wrong with the bad English?

The recent attack by certain unscrupulous quarters belittling the poor command of English language portrayed by Malaysia’s second most powerful man Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

To my dismay as a political observer our Malaysian kopitiam and mamak stall analyst are very keen on the blunders they make. Well i’am not discouraging them to do that as Malaysia’s constitution allows freedom of speech they are welcomed to do so. But let’s not forget, read carefully the success stories Zahid Hamidi shared in the 71st United Nations general assembly.

The success stories told to foreign diplomats and statesmen put Malaysia ahead and make our country proud as well as stand tall among the giant countries. The success stories in fighting terrorism, the national blue ocean strategy, technical and vocational expertise are among the subjects which other countries mulls to emulate our success stories. Zahid Hamidi who just took the helm from Muhyiddin Yassin should be given some time to adopt better language proficiency.

Come one guys, there are other national leaders who use Russian, French, Japanese and so forth to speak up in international arena. Zahid’s blunder is not that bad at all. Just some minor mistakes that surely will be rectified in the future. Even I remember when former deputy prime minister and now the PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim who had poor English oratory took some time to improve himself. Anwar used to pronounce his English words in Malay Bahasa Baku style and later took the efforts to correct to better English.

Malaysian should forego the tendency to compare with the likes of Barack Obama, Tony Blair, Maragaret Thatcher, David Cameroon and so forth. The utmost underlying principle we should examine is not the English but the success stories that makes us proud. Mark my word you may have a good laughter at Zahid’s English today however,sooner or later one fine day he is going to impress the whole world.


Editor in Chief

Norazam Nordin