Yuna hopes to inspire with performance at President’s Star Charity 2014

Yuna hopes to inspire with performance at President’s Star Charity 2014

“Rescue is a song I wrote about empowering women, and Escape is one of the inspiring songs I have on my album… so I thought I should share them with the audience,” said the Los Angeles-based singer.

Speaking to Channel NewsAsia over the phone from Kuala Lumpur on Friday (Oct 31), Yuna also revealed that she has a soft spot for charity work.

“My mum is a teacher, so we were always involved whenever there are any charitable activities at her school. I grew up just helping out, donating money, clothes or toys to the less fortunate. I try my best to give back to the community, and try my best to make the world a better place. Hopefully, I’ll inspire others to do the same,” said Yuna.

The 27-year-old singer said she hopes to be able to take in the sights of Singapore over the weekend if she has the time.

“I’d go to Arab Street if I can. I love everything about Arab Street, the architecture, the food … It’s the most chill place where I feel I can be myself, walk around and take photos,” said Yuna cheerfully, pointing out that she had actually been travelling quite a bit over the past year.

“I’ve been touring a lot. It’s really nice. I get to travel and go to cities I’ve never been to. I also went to Europe where I’ve never performed before.”

When she is not touring, Yuna is busy working on her as-yet-unnamed new album.

“It is about 20 per cent done … I’m still planning stuff, about the direction of the album, about what we want to do to make it more interesting,” said Yuna. “The competition in the US is tough right now. You have so many new artistes, so I think it’s important to come up with something creative, you know, just to get people excited!”

She said she is taking her time to record the album in order to ensure it contains songs that are “more lasting” than the “disposable pop” some singers churn out today. “There is still a long way to go, but it’ll probably be out in July.”

Yuna, who is currently single, said starting a family is her “Number One priority”, and said she believes life cannot be all about work.

“I feel like there’s something wrong with you if you don’t want to start having a family! You’d be like working, working … work, work, work, work,” said Yuna with a laugh. She added that she thinks leading a life “rich with emotion” will help a songwriter create good songs.

The President’s Star Charity 2014 will be broadcast live on Nov 2, 7.30pm on Channel 5.

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