13 dead, 21 injured in school shooting in Russia

13 dead, 21 injured in school shooting in Russia

MOSCOW: At least 13 people were killed, including seven children, in a shooting incident at a school in the Russian city of Izhevsk on Monday, Xinhua reported.

According to the TASS News Agency citing the Russian Investigative Committee, 14 children and seven adults were injured in the attack at the school located near the administrative building of the city of Izhevsk, in the Udmurt Republic of western Russia.

Based on initial reports, nine were killed and about 20 others were injured in the incident.

According to the committee, the body of the attacker, who is believed to have committed suicide, was found wearing a black T-shirt with Nazi symbols and a ski mask. His identity has not yet been identified as no identification documents have been found.

The school had 982 students and 80 teachers, and they were evacuated.

The governor of the Udmurt Republic declared a three-day mourning period starting Monday.

source – BERNAMA

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