132 residents in two Sibu longhouses screened for COVID-19

132 residents in two Sibu longhouses screened for COVID-19

SIBU,. As many as 132 residents from two longhouses in the Bukit Aup area, about 13 kilometres from the city centre here today underwent COVID-19 screening tests conducted by the Sibu Division Health Department.

The screening test involving Rumah Cathrine Tamoh and Rumah Juna Francis was conducted at the Sungai Aup Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Hall following COVID-19 positive cases among the occupants of the two longhouses previously.

Senator Robert Lau Hui Yew who was also present during the screening said it was important for all residents of the longhouse to undergo the screening test to ensure their status, whether free from the virus or otherwise.

He also reminded the residents of the longhouse to always be in their rooms and only go out if there is an important matter.

“This is a practical solution to break the COVID-19 transmission chain, especially among residents of longhouses,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sibu Division Health officer Dr Teh Jo Hun when contacted said the results of the residents’ screening test at the two longhouses were expected to be known within two days.




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