17 evacuated in Segamat as Sungai Muar overflows

17 evacuated in Segamat as Sungai Muar overflows

JOHOR BAHRU: Several houses in Segamat were flooded to about knee-high following the overflowing of Sungai Muar since yesterday. Segamat Disaster Management Committee chairman Hasrin Kamal Hashim said a total of 17 people from five families were evacuated to a relief centre at Kampung Batu Badak community hall at 8 am today.

He said the evacuees were from Kampung Seberang Batu Badak and Kampung Batu 5. “As at noon, the number of flood evacuees remains unchanged.

“It has not rained for the past two or three days, however the level of rivers in Negeri Sembilan has increased and has caused the Sungai Muar to overflow, causing some nearby houses to be flooded,” he said in a statement.


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