19 People Injured In Accidental Blast In Southern Philippines

19 People Injured In Accidental Blast In Southern Philippines

MANILA, Jul 9 (NNN-PNA) – At least 19 people, including soldiers, police, and firefighters, were injured, after a massive pile of recovered firecrackers and pyrotechnics exploded near a marine camp in Zamboanga City, in the southern Philippines yesterday afternoon, police said.

Police Lieutenant Colonel, Helen Galvez, the regional police command spokesperson, said, the massive explosion, which occurred past 5.00 p.m. local time, in a vacant lot, also damaged several vehicles issued to the military, police, and firefighters, parked nearby.

She said, the blast also caused minor damage to several residential houses and structures in the area.

Among the injured men in uniforms were six police officers, five marine soldiers, three coast guard personnel, and five firefighters. They were taken to various hospitals in the city.

Initial police investigation disclosed that, the blast occurred when the disposal team from the police and marines explosive ordnance disposal units were laying the recovered firecrackers and pyrotechnics, retrieved from the warehouse that exploded on Jun 29.

On Jun 29, a powerful explosion ripped through a firecracker warehouse in Zamboanga City, killing five and wounding at least 20.


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