1Bstories, Founded By Ex-Googlers, Secures $5.5 Million in Funding to Revolutionize AI Video Creation with Vidiofy

1Bstories, Founded By Ex-Googlers, Secures $5.5 Million in Funding to Revolutionize AI Video Creation with Vidiofy

SINGAPOREAug. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 1Bstories, is a pioneering start-up founded by Anuvrat Rao, along with a team of esteemed ex-Google founding members, collectively having 23 years of experience developing and scaling products internationally, proudly announces its emergence from stealth mode. The company has successfully raised $5.5 million in a recent funding round from Northstar Group and 47 other VCs and angel investors to launch its breakthrough product, Vidiofy.

Vidiofy is a cutting-edge generative AI video tool designed specifically for publishers and brands seeking to enhance engagement with their communities, expand their social following, and create new revenue streams. With Vidiofy, businesses can effortlessly create hundreds of high-quality videos every month, eliminating barriers traditionally associated with video production, time and manpower.

“We are thrilled to officially introduce 1Bstories and unveil Vidiofy to the world,” said Anuvrat Rao, CEO and Founder of 1Bstories. “Our mission is to empower publishers and brands to seamlessly create captivating videos at scale, leveraging generative AI technology. Vidiofy is set to disrupt the industry by revolutionizing video creation, allowing businesses to create content like never before.”

Vidiofy offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that streamlines the entire video production process. Leveraging the power of generative AI, the platform enables publishers and brands to generate an extensive library of video content effortlessly from scratch or from an existing article or web page. From captivating social media clips to personalized marketing messages, Vidiofy equips businesses with the tools to maximize their online presence and achieve unparalleled levels of engagement.

Part of the team is Stacie Chan, ex-Googler, award-winning journalist, and Emmy-nominated actress. She was thrilled to join 1Bstories and bring her love of storytelling and technology into one bold vision. Alongside Stacie is the “godfather of tech” Ravi Hamsa, with an illustrious career of working with top tech companies like Uber, LinkedIn, InMobi, and Yahoo.

1Bstories’ growth has their investors showering them with praise. One high profile investor, Tom Blomfield, founder of Monzo said “1Bstories has an interesting vision for the future of AI video technology, and I’m thrilled to support their journey. With a talented management team at the helm, I’m excited to see what they do to online storytelling.”

Alongside Tom, was another prominent voice in the AI industry, Caesar Sengupta, Co-Founder & CEO of Arta finance who mentioned “Generative AI is going to transform most industries over the next few years. 1Bstories, with their cutting-edge AI video platform and a management team of industry veterans, is set to revolutionize the way we engage with video content. I’m excited to support their mission and witness their groundbreaking impact.”

Another high-profile investor, Ian Doody, co-founder of Powerhouse Capital also mentioned “Powerhouse is thrilled to partner with Anu Rao and the 1B team. We believe AI has the ability to drive personalized content at scale while delivering a better user experience. 1B’s Vidiofy product is a powerful tool that arms creators with additional capabilities to deliver deeper engagement and relevance with their audiences.  We are excited to support this team on the journey.”

“We believe deeply in 1Bstories and their pioneering product, Vidiofy. The revolutionary AI-powered video tool is destined to redefine the digital publishing landscape by enabling companies to churn out compelling, high-quality videos with unprecedented ease and efficiency. We foresee Vidiofy becoming the gold standard in AI video production, effortlessly bridging the gap between ambition and execution while creating new horizons of engagement and monetization.” said Quentin Reyes, Managing Director of Alpha Praetorian Capital, another VC investor in 1Bstories.

Other investors also include Tim Dattels who served as the Managing Partner for TPG Asia and Partner and Managing Director of Goldman Sachs.

1Bstories is already working with a wide variety of customers across verticals, from mainstream US news publishers to niche digital Australian publications to large telecommunication companies in Indonesia, and even real estate developers in Singapore. With the ability to quickly publish and translate content to over 20 languages, Vidiofy also helps their customers grow their brand internationally as well.

The $5.5 million investment will accelerate product development, expand the team, and drive widespread adoption of Vidiofy in the market.

To learn more about 1Bstories and Vidiofy, please visit www.1bstories.com.

About 1Bstories: 1Bstories is a content technology start-up founded by Anuvrat Rao and other ex-Google employees with over 23 collective years of experience. The company aims to tell 1 billion stories globally with the use of its innovative technologies and products built. With Vidiofy, their flagship product, 1Bstories aims to enable businesses to create engaging videos effortlessly and leverage the power of generative AI technology. For more information, visit www.1bstories.com.


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