25 houses and shops were badly damaged by the storm in Marang

25 houses and shops were badly damaged by the storm in Marang

MARANG: A total of 25 premises, including residences and shops around Bukit Payong here, were badly damaged after being hit by a storm this afternoon.

A resident of Jamsari Mohamed, 43, said the incident happened at about 2.30pm when he and his mother Minah Mat Ali, 69, were resting in the living room of their home, after the Zohor prayer.

Jamsari said the incident caused 90 percent of the roof of his brother’s house and workshop, which is located next to their house, to be damaged after being blown away by the strong wind and storm that happened overnight.

“At first the rain was normal, I didn’t think it was a bad storm until there was a loud bang from the roof of the house.

“When I looked out I was surprised to see the roofs flying one by one in front of my eyes. It also started to rain heavily and the interior of the house started to fill with water,” he said when met at his residence in Kampung Undang, Bukit Payong today.

Jamsari said realizing the incident, he rushed to save his mother and immediately left the house, for fear of being hit by the roof or electrocuted.

“At that time, I only thought about the safety of my elderly mother, I didn’t think about things at all. I didn’t care if they were damaged because my mother’s life was more important,” he said, who planned to spend the night at his sister’s house in a nearby village.

A grocery store owner Rosmawati Mohd Saffi, 46, said he was not in the store at the time of the incident, because he was teaching Basic Fardu Ain (KAFA) Classes at the National School of Law (SK).

He found out about the incident after being contacted by his daughter Nor Anis Nazihan Adnan, 18, in a state of anxiety and sobbing because of fear.

“After receiving the call, I rushed to the store, because I was worried to hear her (Nor Anis Nazihah) sobbing, I didn’t really understand what she was saying at the beginning.

“When I went out there was a strong storm and heavy rain, but I was also brave because I was worried about the safety of my daughter, who was alone in the shop,” he said.

Rosmawati said when she arrived at the shop, it was still raining heavily and some villagers took shelter in her shop looking for shelter.

“I have been doing business here for almost 20 years, this is the first time a storm as bad as this happened. Although there was a lot of damage, especially the roof that was blown away by the wind, I am grateful that the children and the villagers are safe,” he said.

In this regard, Rosmawati said that she and other residents hope that the relevant parties can immediately extend help to the affected storm victims.

Meanwhile, Bukit Payong State Assembly Community Service Center Welfare Division Officer Kamanordin Md Jusoh, said so far only 25 premises have been identified as affected in today’s incident.

He said his party would however carry out further investigations, if there are still affected residents who have not yet reported to the parties involved.

He said the value of the loss has yet to be ascertained, but immediate assistance will be channeled to ease the burden and comfort of the people involved considering that it is currently raining frequently following the transition to the northeast monsoon season.

source – BERNAMA

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