A step towards Creative Industry reform – Fahmi

A step towards Creative Industry reform – Fahmi

By – Norazam and Ramani


KUALA LUMPUR – Fahmi Fadzil, Communication and Digital Minister has shown a promising reform for the creative industry in stages, hoping to be resolved in phases where the first phase action plan will start as early as the third quarter of 2023.

“The first 6 months, I want to make sure the voices of creative industry players are heard. Of course, they are the ones who know the most about the problems that occur in this industry.

“I have heard the voice of artiste through 4 Town Hall sessions with players from the music industry, performance, creative industry, and film.”

Is “listening” enough? Nope. That’s just the first step for me to understand the problem at hand.

So, today, I held discussions with the Ministry and agencies under me to analyze the findings of the town hall session, he said in the Facebook posting.

Since Fahmi took office last year November, it was understood many creative industry players, and NGOs had visited him and he was in a listening mode now it’s time for him to make a brighter future for the Creative Industry.

Pix source — Fahmi Fadzil Facebook





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