AdventureSmith Explorations Unveils Insider Tips for Securing Affordable Arctic Expedition Deals

AdventureSmith Explorations Unveils Insider Tips for Securing Affordable Arctic Expedition Deals

AdventureSmith Explorations’ small-ship adventure cruise experts offer cost-cutting tips to get the most value from popular Arctic trips and ships.

With its unique history of expeditionary exploration, the Arctic has long been known as a destination that offers incomparable access to distinct wildlife and remote wilderness experiences. For those who want to get the most value from Arctic travel, AdventureSmith Explorations, the leader in small-ship adventure cruising, offers tips on how to get the best deals on an Arctic expedition.

“There is no doubt the Arctic is a hot destination right now. We have already booked more travelers into 2024 Arctic expeditions than we did in 2023, and sailings don’t even begin in the region until April,” said Todd Smith, AdventureSmith Explorations founder and president. “Capacity has also increased in the Arctic with more expedition ships offering itineraries there. In fact, our Arctic expedition cruise itineraries have increased by 48% since 2019, giving travelers even more options when considering where to go and what to do.”

How to Save Without Sacrificing the Experience
Getting the best deal on an Arctic cruise is possible if you know what to keep in mind. Here are some of AdventureSmith’s “expert picks” for finding cost savings on Arctic expeditions:
• Don’t count out higher-tier cabins before talking to AdventureSmith’s travel experts, who have been able to get travelers booked into higher-end cabins for the same amount, or less, than lower cabin categories due to higher percentage discounts occasionally offered on suites.
• Traveling with others? Choose a triple or quad cabin for the lowest per-person price.
• Consider where you stay on the ship. Cabins on the lowest deck with portholes often are most affordable. As an example, booking a Lower Deck Porthole cabin aboard the 128-guest Ocean Adventurer’s Introduction to Spitsbergen 10-day expedition can save travelers more than $700 versus a cabin on the Main Deck.
• Traveling solo and want your own cabin? Look to options that have dedicated solo cabins that don’t require payment of a single supplement.
• Always review inclusions and exclusions to factor in the total trip cost. Flights, plus hotel stays on the front and back end of a trip, can significantly add to the price of a trip.
• To cut down total costs, consider a simpler itinerary that has the same embarkation and disembarkation point. An example offering great value is the 11-day Iceland Circumnavigation round-trip from Reykjavik that currently includes an offer of up to 15% off and a $1,500 air credit.
• Book early for the best selection of ships, cabins and routes. You can often save with early booking deals and more readily find flight deals.
• Leverage AdventureSmith’s team of experts to be on the lookout for Arctic cruise deals and “expert picks” related to best value, views from the ship, access and experiences.

“In the Arctic, special charter flights can often be wrapped into expedition rates,” continued Smith. “An example of this would be the Svalbard In Depth expedition. In 2025, its inclusions change significantly with the addition of a charter flight and Oslo hotel into the base rate. In this case, the best value is to book a 2024 date unless the ease of those inclusions is preferred.”

When to Book & Go
The region is vast, so when to go depends a lot on your preferred route and travel interests. A general tip is to book now and travel soon. May and June are often the best months to view polar bears on Svalbard cruises due to the abundant polar ice. A full circumnavigation of Spitsbergen is likely not possible, but early-season voyages often provide the best chance to see large ice floes and view wildlife.

July and August are generally the warmest months to visit, with temperatures averaging in the mid40s. Greenland cruises and Arctic Svalbard cruises sail at this time not only for the weather but also because the sea ice is more broken up making land access increasingly possible. Ships have the ability to cover more territory and access less-explored regions during this time of year.

In September and October, sailings are more limited, but nights are dark enough to witness the Northern Lights.

AdventureSmith Explorations is currently offering up to 40% off select Greenland and Svalbard expedition cruises, and up to 15% off plus a $1,500 air credit on select Arctic expeditions booked by March 31.

Learn more about the Arctic cruises offered by AdventureSmith Explorations, view current Arctic cruise deals, or contact their team of experts to find the best Arctic cruise deal at


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