airasia academy joins forces with MYSED, PERKESO to upskill the future workforce

airasia academy joins forces with MYSED, PERKESO to upskill the future workforce

KUCHING,  – airasia academy, the edutech platform of Capital A, has joined hands with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Entrepreneur Development Sarawak (MYSED) and the Social Security Organisation (PERKESO) Sarawak, to provide essential digital and soft skills training to Sarawakian youths.

The partnership, aimed at humanising education and supercharging the digital economy within the Asean region, is designed to thrust Sarawakian youth into the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Breaking the mould, this groundbreaking partnership sees a state government eagerly backing the ambitious joint endeavour by airasia academy and PERKESO. In a testament to this unwavering commitment, MYSED has nominated 50 exceptional candidates to inaugurate the comprehensive training programme, set to take place within Kuching, the capital of Sarawak.

Dato Gerald Rentap Jabu, Deputy Minister for Youth, Sports & Entrepreneur Development Sarawak said: “MYSED is committed along with PERKESO and airasia academy to this landmark collaboration. Conceived by the federal government, this programme stands as a beacon of empowerment for our youth, bridging the gap within the gig economy and nurturing entrepreneurial dreams especially in this era of perpetual evolution, where knowledge becomes an unceasing journey. The more our youth embrace new skills, the sharper their edge in shaping a society fortified with resilience and prosperity.”

Central to this transformative journey is the Program Bina Kerjaya Sektor Tidak Formal, an audacious venture by PERKESO ingeniously designed to elevate gig sector workers onto better career trajectories. Strengthening this groundbreaking initiative is PERKESO’s MYFutureJobs, a conduit designed to link gig workers with formal employment opportunities, thus illuminating their path toward multifaceted career growth.

Aireen Omar, President (Investment & Ventures) Capital A and CEO of airasia academy said: “Our commitment to empowering Sarawak’s youth extends beyond just training – it is about igniting a passion for continuous learning, fostering resilience, and unlocking doors to boundless opportunities. Through this collaboration, airasia academy envisions a future where our youth are the architects of innovation, driving Sarawak’s breakthrough and progress on the global stage.”

As the nationwide upskilling partner, it introduces a dynamic lineup within the Program Bina Kerjaya Sektor Tidak Formal:

  1. 5-Day Digital Soft Skill Programme

  • K.A.S.H (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Habit) Soft Skills

  • Google Workspace Productivity Tools

  • First Aid

         2. 10-Day Tech Programme

  • Digital Marketing

  • Software Engineering

  • Data Analytics

  • Cloud Infrastructure

  • Cybersecurity

Gig workers and self-employed individuals from Sarawak especially from around Kuching are invited to seize this golden opportunity by attending the Siri Jelajah Gig, Keusahawanan & Transisi ke Pekerjaan Formal which will be held on 30 August in Wisma Perkeso here  or by visiting to find out more about the programme and other airasia academy offerings.


About airasia academy 

airasia academy is the region’s fastest growing one-stop edutech platform that provides a comprehensive ecosystem to fulfil the education and employment needs of all learners, making them more competitive, marketable and adaptable for future industrial revolutions. Its offerings include affordable, accessible and inclusive On-Demand Learning (ODL), accredited Instructor-Led Training (ILT) for in-demand tech courses such as Digital Marketing, Cloud Infrastructure, Data Analytics, Software Engineering and Cybersecurity to the Learning Management System (LMS) which streamlines and elevates the learners journey as well as Job Placement service for its job-ready graduates.

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