Alleged photos of Jho Low in Macau revealed again, recorded by a private investigator

Alleged photos of Jho Low in Macau revealed again, recorded by a private investigator

CLAIMS that Low Taek Jho or Jho Low, who is wanted by the Malaysian authorities is in Macau, China is now getting stronger as the picture of the fugitive businessman is once again revealed.

The latest picture that claims to glimpse Low in a shopping center in Macau was revealed by journalists Tom Wright and Bradley Hope on YouTube through a sharing titled Where Is Jho Low – Episode 4 .

Bradley, who is also the author of Billion Dollar Whale , said the photo was allegedly taken by a private investigator and showed Low wearing an orange shirt.

In the sharing, Bradley only showed a picture that Low claimed was from the back.

Even so, he said, the private investigator also showed another photo that revealed Low’s face, but Bradley was not allowed to share the photo.

“It is not clear who hired this private investigator but it may be the Malaysian government or an intermediary of the Malaysian government.

“But anyway he (Low) has been detected, and it touches on what we talked about before,” he said in the recording on Friday.

Tom and Bradley had previously also released photographs allegedly showing a glimpse of Low at Shanghai Disneyland and a copy of a yacht club membership application form, allegedly signed by Low’s wife.

The two journalists claimed Low was in China or Hong Kong between 2018 and 2019.

Sharing further, Bradley said also seen in the photo was a woman believed to be Low’s wife, Jesselynn Chuan Teik Ying and a male assistant who looked after him.

“Actually we had reported (Low in Macau) in one of our articles in 2019. Low was with them all the time and (the male assistant) was believed to be a Chinese spy, who was basically in charge with Low all the time and followed him,” added Bradley.

In the meantime, Bradley said, taking into account the value of US$8.5 billion or RM38.8 billion embezzled from 1MDB compared to the amount successfully recovered by several governments including Malaysia, Low is seen to still have considerable wealth.

He said, the US and United Kingdom (UK) governments are currently reported to have succeeded in recovering assets amounting to approximately 1.4 billion US dollars or RM64 billion including assets such as luxury houses, airplanes and ownership of company shares.

Low is accused of embezzling money from 1MDB, and faces a US$3.78 billion (nearly RM15.85 billion) lawsuit filed by 1MDB and its four subsidiaries.

The media reported that he also allegedly offered the Malaysian government RM1.5 billion as a settlement for the court charges against him.

However, the government rejected the proposal.

source – Astro Awani

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