An evening at Morten River Zone!

An evening at Morten River Zone!

KUALA LUMPUR — When Asia News Today (ANT) team members covered the Melaka polls on November 19, we travelled around the state to get live reports, news feeds, visuals, photos, and ground reaction towards the election.

It has always been a practice to never miss an opportunity to learn the culture, arts and of course the food that each state offers in the country.

One of the interesting foods which we normally encounter is the Asam Pedas and even tasting Nasi Kambing for breakfast in one of the areas in Alor Gajah, thanks to the courtesy of Alor Gajah MP and his team Datuk Redzuan fondly known as #PakWan.

However, there is one place that needs to be shouted aloud and our team enjoyed having most of the dinners in the evening.

That place is called Kg Morten.

This Kg Morten is a historical traditional Malay village in Melaka City. According to wikipedia, the name is taken from a British land revenue collector during British Malaya, Frederick Joseph Morten.

The area used to be a quiet place during the 1960s and 1970s and the area was then evolved to become a tourist attraction since it was declared a heritage village under Malacca’s Preservation and Conservation Enactment in 1989. An estimated 100 traditional Malay houses seen in the area.

We noticed stalls built near the houses and it is always a busy scene during the weekends.

Morten River Zone, operated by Hamidah Zul, is one place we really enjoyed after a busy evening. as it was quiet and most importantly our team members could sit down and reflect news notes together ahead the Melaka polls.

Western food operated by two young Malay aspiring entrepreneurs should be tried as well.

It was learnt by our team that one of the chefs had worked in a 5 star hotel in Kuala Lumpur before embarking on his business here in Kg Morten.

His signature dish that needs to be tried is the roast chicken which comes with a nice mashed potato.

For those who like Nasi Lemak ala KFC style chicken, it is also worth a try and the other stall even caters Bakso.

According to Hamidah, after the lockdown and Movement Control Order phase was lifted, the business is slowly improving and she hopes more people will come to Kg Morten to support all the business owners here in Melaka.

ANT Editor in Chief Dino G talking to Hamidah Zul to get insights about Kampung Morten

The area is a good place to chill, relax and a variety of food served with an affordable price not missing the night boats sighted while enjoying your evening.

Just a humble suggestion from us, introducing live busking will surely make it a ‘wow factor’ as a way to pull more crowds and even give an opportunity for local musicians in Melaka to perform as well as make a small living.

For those who plans to visit Melaka, take some time to drop by Morten River Zone and the other stalls adjacent to it.

*DG and Ram cherishing the moment in Melaka with the rest of ANT crew Abd Rahman aka Acong, Faizal

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