Annual Harvest Fair Kicked Off In Mongolia

Annual Harvest Fair Kicked Off In Mongolia

ULAN BATOR, Sept 20 (NNN-XINHUA) – The 17th edition of the “Green Days of Autumn” harvest fair, opened in the Mongolian capital, yesterday, as the country seeks to bolster food production at home.

The annual event is being co-organised by the country’s Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, the municipal government of the national capital, Ulan Bator, representative of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation in Mongolia, and other organisations.

The event aims to support farmers and herders; provide urban residents with fresh produce, meat and dairy products; and promote food security and nutrition. The organisers say, Mongolia wants to support its domestic food production and diversify food imports.

More than 400 farmers, herders and companies operating in the food and agriculture sectors, from the country’s 21 provinces, are participating in the week-long fair, displaying over 2,000 products for sale.

Mongolia’s economy is largely dependent on export earnings from the mining sector. Promoting the development of the food and agricultural sector is seen as a viable solution to diversify its economy.


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