Australian Solar Scientist Wins Million-Euro Technology Prize In Finland

Australian Solar Scientist Wins Million-Euro Technology Prize In Finland

HELSINKI, Oct 26 (NNN-AAP) – A one-million-euro-technology prize, has been awarded to an Australian professor, for an invention that has transformed the production of solar energy.

Technology Academy Finland (TAF), announced yesterday that, the 2022 Millennium Technology Prize has been awarded to Professor Martin Green, from the University of New South Wales. The prize was awarded to Green by Finnish President, Sauli Niinisto.

“The pace of the green transition is accelerating, and the world will switch to solar and wind electricity in the coming decade. I believe that a huge, historically significant change is taking place,” said Green at the award ceremony.

Green is regarded as a leader in the development of the “Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC).”

The PERC has become the most commercially viable and efficient silicon solar cell technology used in solar panels, and for large-scale electricity production. It accounts for almost 90 percent of the global solar cell market.

The innovation has greatly reduced the cost of using solar panels, making solar energy more affordable than fossil-based alternatives. PERCs mean homes do not need to be connected to the grid to receive energy supply, which is helpful for remote communities.

Green and his team are currently working on combined cell technologies, to achieve 40 percent solar cell efficiency, by exploring options such as stacking cells on top of each other.

Professor Minna Palmroth, chair of the Board of Technology Academy Finland, said that, Green’s innovation will continue to improve the quality of life of billions of people globally, and enhance environmentally sustainable development.

The Millennium Technology Prize, awarded once every two years, was created by the Finnish government in 2002, to honour individuals and groups that have made significant contributions to the fields of science and technology, and particularly to highlight innovations that enrich everyday life.


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