Autel Robotics Further Boosts Manufacturing Capabilities to Supply North American and European Markets

Autel Robotics Further Boosts Manufacturing Capabilities to Supply North American and European Markets

NEW YORK, Aug. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Autel Robotics Co., Ltd. (“Autel Robotics”), a leading provider of drone products and industry solutions, highlights its factory in Hai Phong with leading manufacturing capabilities, where it now manufactures 150,000 units of flagship products that are supplying U.S. and European markets.

The factory in Hai Phong, Vietnam covers an area of 10,000 square meters and has 500 dedicated and highly skilled employees. It boasts an annual production capacity of 150,000 units and has been producing the first batch of the Lite product series since September 2022 and the Dragonfish series starting from November of the same year, mainly supplied to the U.S. and European markets.

UAVs are new to Vietnam, a country known for its skilled workforce and advanced technological capabilities, and Autel Robotics adheres to the principles of quality-first and customer-centric, producing top-quality drones such as the exceptional EVO Max series, the revolutionary Dragonfish, and EVO II V3 Series

The groundbreaking products are the fruit of Autel Robotics’ meticulous planning and seamless execution, and it has launched the production of 6 flagship series in Vietnam:


EVO Lite Series
Dragonfish Series

EVO II V3 Series:
EVO Nano Series
EVO Max Series
“Autel Robotics makes every effort to strengthen the team’s foundations, enforces rigorous engineering standards, streamlines operations, and ensures our customers can have a good product experience. Our drone project in Vietnam will play an important role as the company’s manufacturing center in the future, leveraging the favorable investment environment locally. We will continue to invest our factory in Vietnam, boosting the supply capability to meet the demands of overseas markets, especially North America and Europe,” said Mr. Liu, head of the Vietnam factory of Autel Robotics.

Autel Robotics aims to use technology to improve efficiency and create values for customers, and it recognizes the importance of data security and privacy protection with technologies and devices constantly advancing. Autel Robotics provides a number of tools and protection measures for industry application customers to ensure data security regarding drone activation, data transmission, multimedia storage, updates, and maintenance. All data except the PRC’s is stored in AWS data centers within the US.

About Autel Robotics

Founded in 2014, Autel Robotics is a team of industry professionals with a passion for technology and years of engineering experience. Autel Robotics has always been customer-oriented and focuses on achieving excellence through ceaseless innovation. It is dedicated to delivering groundbreaking solutions for new aerial exploration leveraging its market-leading quadcopter and camera technology. Headquartered in Shenzhen, the industrial and software frontier of China and the capital of drones, Autel Robotics also has R&D bases in Seattle, Munich, and the Silicon Valley.

For more information, please visit, follow Autel Robotics on Facebook @autelrobotics, and Instagram @autelrobotics, or subscribe to the Autel Robotics YouTube Channel.

SOURCE Autel Robotics Co., Ltd.

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