“Avoid the PAU election on the grounds of stability again?”- Alor Setar UMNO leader

“Avoid the PAU election on the grounds of stability again?”- Alor Setar UMNO leader

KUALA LUMPUR: UMNO will suffer greater harm if the positions of President and Deputy President of UMNO are not contested in the next party election.

UMNO Alor Setar Division chief, Datuk Mohd Yusof Ismail said, stability cannot be used as a reason for any party to support the action.

“Now you want to block democracy with the excuse of stability again? Only those who are power-crazy and greedy for position and interests have no shame in using supposedly holy reasons like this.

“Millions more UMNO members know their respective agendas very well. If it is true that these two positions are not contested, wait, UMNO will suffer greater harm.

“Not only UMNO members have lost faith but the people will also turn away from UMNO,” he explained in a statement on Wednesday.

He said, the closer the special UMNO General Assembly gets, the more opinions there are supporting and opposing that the positions of President and Deputy be contested.

He said, those who want the election to be held have their own reasons, and those who refuse have certain interests and reasons.

“Those who do not want the election have various reasons. Wala’ to the leader, loyal to the President. Most nauseating, want to ensure stability to face the next State Election (PRN).

“The same reason before GE15. It is said to make sure the party is strong and wins. What is winning? Lose badly again. Worst in history, only 26 seats compared to 54 seats in GE14.

“At least, before GE15 UMNO took control of the government. UMNO Prime Minister. Going to insist that GE15 be held for reasons of stability, it is already a mess,” he said.


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