BN reps opposing Zahid purposely seeking to be sacked: Nur Jazlan

BN reps opposing Zahid purposely seeking to be sacked: Nur Jazlan

Johor Umno deputy chief say those against leadership want to become independents to support other coalitions

KUALA LUMPUR – Barisan Nasional (BN) parliamentarians who openly opposed the coalition president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi were seeking to be sacked to become independent representatives, Johor Umno deputy chief Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed has claimed.

In a statement, Nur Jazlan also urged the BN MPs who are openly going against Zahid to cease “playing dirty politics” and “manipulating” party members as well as the people who voted in the elections.

He said those recently elected MPs from BN should remain supporting Zahid. Otherwise, they should resign from the party and relinquish their seats. “As reminded by the party president yesterday (November 20), all (BN) parliamentarians that won the election have signed an ‘Aku Janji’ (pledge) to give him (Zahid) the mandate to determine any political cooperation in the formation of the government.”

“The BN president also stressed that any (BN) parliamentarian that went against the party will have their memberships dropped along with their seats in line with the anti-hopping law.” He also accused some of the MPs of purposely seeking to be sacked from the party so that they can throw their support behind a coalition and prime minister that was not endorsed by BN.

Nur Jazlan said the parliamentarians should resign if they were sincere in the political causes, and for the sake of Umno and BN’s future. “I have personally signed the pledge (to declare) that the seat that I won belongs to the party and not any individual,” he said.

“I also wish to remind them that they were chosen because of BN and that they have yet to be sworn in as Parliamentarians.” Zahid and other members of the BN Supreme Council held a meeting with Pakatan Harapan leaders in Kuala Lumpur yesterday morning to discuss possible cooperation between the two coalitions in forming the next government.

However, the move was opposed by several BN MPs, Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein who was re-elected in Sembrong on Saturday.

– The Vibes, November 22, 2022

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