Booming Development Gui’an New Area Introduces Industrial Resources to Guizhou

Booming Development Gui’an New Area Introduces Industrial Resources to Guizhou

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GUIYANG, China, June 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — From “framework plan” to “preliminary implementation”, in a decade, we saw newly built plants erected in Gui’an New Area. These enterprises injected new impetus for the economic development of the area. Among them are auto manufacturing enterprises represented by Guizhou Changjiang Automobile Co., Ltd., NEV battery enterprises represented by CATL and BYD, and battery materials enterprises represented by Zhongke Xingcheng.

Gui’an New Area links resources between Guizhou and Shanghai

As the tower crane lifted the last cubic meter of concrete to the roof for casting, the plant of CATL (Guizhou) EVE Cell Production Base Project (Gui’an Phase I) was successfully capped. It serves as one of the important projects implemented by Shanghai Zhangjiang (Gui’an) Hi-tech Industrial Park. When Phase I is completed, it is expected to yield an annual production worth RMB 15 billion, pay taxes by RMB 1 billion, and provide over 3,000 jobs.

In early April this year, Gui’an New Area promoted the joint construction of the industrial park with Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park. Subsequently, Gui’an Development Group and Zhangjiang Group reached a consensus for cooperation on the joint construction of Zhangjiang (Gui’an) Hi-tech Industrial Park in Guiyang Big Data Technological Innovation Town (Phase II). The Industrial Park will link the resources of Guizhou and Shanghai and promote high-quality industrial development in big data, new energy, and new materials.

Gui’an Network Valley undertakes industrial transfer of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Since this year, Gui’an Development Group and China Merchants Entrepreneurship Company under China Merchants Shekou Holdings signed a cooperation framework agreement on Gui’an New Area Network Valley Industrial Park, to reach relevant consensus on comprehensive cooperation matters in project implementation, investment attraction and operation, smart park, and corporate incubation.

The Gui’an Network Valley Project will focus on the development positioning of “two primary and two featured” industries, including the manufacturing of advanced equipment and electronic information manufacturing. By doing so, it aims to build it into a base undertaking the industrial transfer of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and an incubation base for enterprises using special and sophisticated technologies to produce novel and unique products.

The planning and construction of Shenzhen-Guizhou Industrial Park Project take a solid stride forward

On April 28, Gui’an New Area Shenzhen-Guizhou Industrial Park Co., Ltd. was established, marking another stride forward for the construction of the Shenzhen-Guizhou Industrial Park Project. For the exploration of cooperation modes such as “Greater Bay Area HQ + Guizhou Base” and “Greater Bay Area R&D + Guizhou Manufacturing”, Gui’an New Area Industrial Development Holdings Group (GIDH) in June 2022 worked with Shenzhen Science and Technology Industrial Park Group (“SSTIP Group”) and Zhongcai Urban Development Private Equity Investment Fund Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (“Zhongcai Fund”) to jointly explore the “self-sufficiency” mode for park development and operation.

Since the project implementation, GIDH has visited Shenzhen several times to discuss with SSTIP Group and Zhongcai Fund. Pursuant to the principle of “government authorization + platform guidance + equity cooperation”, the three parties explored the practices to introduce a central enterprise to establish an SPV company for the overall arrangement of the park development & construction and industrial introduction. They also committed to realizing the self-balance operation of the park based on its industrial contributions to local economy, aiming at creating the “Shenzhen-Guizhou Template” for Gui’an New Area.


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