Budget 2023: RM50 million national film fund

Budget 2023: RM50 million national film fund

KUALA LUMPUR: The creative sector is not exempt from receiving benefits through the 2023 Budget when the government announced an allocation of RM50 million for the production of national films.

The success of the film Mat Kilau, for example, is an example of producing works that impact the spirit of love for the country.

“The release of films with patriotic elements always captivates the hearts of the people. Starting with the works of art by Sergeant Hassan and Lieutenant Adnan, which were worked on brilliantly, to the films of Ola Bola and Mat Kilau, all of them had an impact in germinating the seeds of the people’s love for the country.

“Mat Kilau’s success with the highest grossing in history certainly encouraged more creators to produce films like this.

“Therefore, the government will provide 50 million ringgit as the National Film Production Fund (DEKAN) to drive the local creative industry,” said Finance Minister, Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Abdul Aziz when presenting the 2023 Budget in Parliament, on Friday.

The government has also, he said, provided a Digital Content Fund amounting to RM102 million to market the products of artistic activities and encourage the production of more creative and constantly fresh works.

source – Astro Awani


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