Cambodia’s GDP Per Capita To Reach 2,071 USD Next Year: Report

Cambodia’s GDP Per Capita To Reach 2,071 USD Next Year: Report

PHNOM PENH, Oct 29 (NNN-AKP) – Cambodia’s GDP per capita is forecast to hit 2,071 U.S. dollars in 2024, up from some 1,917 dollars this year, said a report from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, yesterday.

Thanks to garment exports, tourism, construction, and agriculture, the kingdom’s economy is predicted to grow 6.6 percent next year, up from around 5.6 percent this year, the report said.

The country has been classified as a lower middle-income economy since 2015.

Speaking at a get-together with thousands of garment factory workers in Phnom Penh yesterday, Prime Minister, Hun Manet, said, the country “targets an upper middle-income status by 2030 and a high-income status by 2050.”

Upper middle-income economies are defined by a GDP per capita between 4,466 dollars and 13,845 dollars, while high-income economies have a GDP per capita of 13,846 dollars or more, according to the World Bank’s classifications.

Meanwhile, Hun Manet said, the country’s poverty rate had remarkably dropped from 33.8 percent to 17.8 percent over the 10-year period between 2009 and 2019, with almost two million Cambodians escaping poverty.

Cambodia has a population of approximately 17 million. People living below the poverty line are defined by an income of less than 10,951 riel or 2.7 dollars per day, according to the World Bank.


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