Chile to lift restrictions imposed by Covid-19

Chile to lift restrictions imposed by Covid-19

SANTIAGO, Sept 22 (NNN-PRENSA LATINA) — Chilean Health Minister Ximena Aguilera announced the lifting of major health measures against Covid-19 nationwide, starting on Oct 1.

The new regulations include the end of the mandatory face mask wearing in open and closed spaces, and it will continue to be highly recommended in crowded sites as well as in public and private means of transportation.

Yet wearing face masks will be indispensable to access and stay in all healthcare centers and also for those with coronavirus symptoms.

As part of this stage, Chile will include in its national vaccination program a Covid-19 vaccine dose for annual application to vulnerable population, similar to what is done for influenza prevention.

In addition, those who have not been fully vaccinated yet will have the possibility to do it so at health centers set up for such a purpose. Another too important measure is the end of the so-called “Mobility Pass”, a certificate of having received at least two Covid-19 vaccine doses.


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