Choose wisely for a stable government – Annuar

Choose wisely for a stable government – Annuar

KUALA TERENGGANU,. The general election is not a place to experiment, instead each decision must be made wisely so that a stable government can be formed and bring prosperity to Malaysians.

Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa said if voters chose stability, to reduce discord and to strengthen unity, it will bring about positive results.

“Don’t simply experiment or try….make a wrong move and everyone will pay the price and when we fail to build things well and orderly, then prosperity will cease to exist.

“This is important, to return to stability or not, it rests in voters’ hands. No country can be built without (political) stability…. In a democratic world, stability can only be formed by its own people.

“I have seen how good administration shaped the country from the early 1990s till now, I can say actually administering the country is not as easy as we think,” he said during his speech at the [email protected] roadshow in Terengganu Equestrian Resort here last night.

In politics, many only know rhetoric, to make fiery speeches and to simply promise, but when they come to power, they failed to implement anything, Annuar said.

“Never before in history has there been a time when those who received the mandate could not carry out their duties till they had to change their ship’s captain so frequently…. each time the government changes, policies change, investors lose confidence, and the country’s development is stunted.

“So, we have to assume what we went through in the past five years, after the 14th General Election, as a lesson to all and now the government has returned the mandate to the people, use your voting rights wisely,” he said.

As caretaker, he said, there was a responsibility to ensure that the upcoming election could be conducted in harmony and based on the provision of the law.

“We hope everyone takes the chance to vote and are not stopped from voting. Do come out with a duty to obtain a strong and stable government because there are important matters moving on to ensure we drive the country towards peace and prosperity,” he added.


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