Conserve River of Life in a better way

Conserve River of Life in a better way

Local agenda issue.

During a casual walkabout along the River of Life project behind the Old Court House in Kuala Lumpur, Asia News Today team noticed pools polluted with moss.

Walking on the next lane, ANT team noticed the lane is covered with a huge steel covering the lane most likely as a temporary measure to cover the cobble stone lane loose from its original structure.

Notably, there is a nice space that was used before as a corner to sell snacks, drinks and etc. At the moment, it’s not used and closed.

Perhaps the authorities can think a way to operate the space selling items that can attract visitors, maybe even selling souvenirs of River of Life.

On October 7, 2019, NST online reported that the long pool with fountains and sunken garden modelled after Spain’s Alhambra, built behind the Sultan Abdul Samad building is showing signs of wear and tear.

The main spouts behind the buildings are rarely switched on, while the Turkish floral tiles are covered with moss. Its marble steps are cracked and the cobblestone pathway of Jalan Mah-kamah Persekutuan are loose and crumbling under the heat.

Conservationists have criticised the project, questioning whether its development was done at the cost of sacrificing the city’s heritage.

We hope the relevant authorities responsible for the maintenance will take a proactive approach in cleaning, repairing and utilise the available space.

#This article is more like a letter type to highlight the condition of Local Agenda (LA21) issues. 

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