Countries Don’t Develop If Women Are Excluded

Countries Don’t Develop If Women Are Excluded

KUALA NERUS, 2 October – A country will not progress if the role of women is only limited to a narrow traditional role in the development of the country.

Terengganu Women’s Assemblywoman, Zuraida Md Noor said the government is committed to empowering women so that they get more opportunities, knowledge and are involved more comprehensively.

“Struggle in Islam must be parallel to religion and we are not encouraged to develop self-performance simply to compete with men because it is very absurd

“Women and men are created with different biology, so the roles of men and women are different according to their character,” she explained.

She said this while speaking in the Sayyidatina Aishah Day 2022 program and the Terengganu Women’s Policy Launch, yesterday.

Therefore, the mind must be worked on that it is important for women to live in a pure religious mold wherever they are in order to preserve the development of women’s human capital.

“We are increasingly aware that performance is no longer determined by physical assets, preferably based on a person’s human capital.

“Women today have the potential for great things, including in the development of the country,” she added.

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