Covid-19: Health DG cautions against complacency during Ramadan

Covid-19: Health DG cautions against complacency during Ramadan

KUALA LUMPUR,. The public is reminded, in view of the Covid-19 pandemic, not to be complacent during Ramadan especially through social activities such as visiting the homes of friends and relatives as well as travelling interstate or attending mass rallies.

Health director-general, Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has advised the community to be vigilant and avoid crowded areas and close-range chatting as the number of daily Covid-19 cases is still unstable in some states.

“These include leaving the house for non-essential needs, attending large gatherings or breaking of fast get-togethers, and being in crowded Ramadan bazaars.

“The MOH (Ministry of Health) is concerned that such uncontrolled activities will result in an increase in Covid-19 infections in the community,” he said in a statement on updates of the Covid-19 pandemic, today.

Earlier, the National Security Council announced allowing the operation of Ramadan bazaars this year and for activities at mosques and suraus including tarawih prayers with strict adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Dr Noor Hisham said the community was advised to continue to adhere to the SOPs for mosque and surau activities and the set SOPs for the food sector — Aidilfitri Bazaar and Ramadan bazaars — so that the country could beat the Covid-19 pandemic curve.

Meanwhile, Dr Noor Hisham said the community was reminded to practise four food safety keys to ensure clean and safe food.

This includes using fresh raw materials and clean water, using separate equipment for raw food to avoid contamination, cooking food properly and eating within a period not exceeding four hours, and storing food at an appropriate temperature and not exceeding three days in the refrigerator.

MOH also hopes that the community will always consume healthy and balanced food at all times by adopting the 3M (masak/makan/minum) concept of cooking at home if possible, eating fruits and vegetables daily and drinking at least eight glasses of water a day.

— Bernama



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