Diamond Kinetics Accelerates Innovation in Youth Sports Technology With Acquisition of sidelineHD

Diamond Kinetics Accelerates Innovation in Youth Sports Technology With Acquisition of sidelineHD

Pioneering Youth Development Platform adds Livestream and Video Highlight Capabilities to Enhance Player Experiences

PITTSBURGH, March 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Diamond Kinetics (DK), the sports technology company transforming youth baseball and softball development, today announced the acquisition of sidelineHD, an innovative youth sports media platform specializing in livestreaming and video highlights. This strategic move underscores the company’s commitment to integrating thoughtful technology to provide personalized and enhanced player experiences and foster a love for the games.

sidelineHD has revolutionized the youth sports landscape by empowering parents to create professional-quality livestreams of youth games with integrated scoreboards, player information cards, and real-time sports data. Leveraging AI in real-time, sidelineHD automatically generates highlights and video clips, offering players and families the ability to share this valuable social content instantly, generating memories that grow their love of the game and their desire to play at the next level while also hooking into recruiting platforms and other services that provide tangible benefits to today’s youth player.

“This acquisition aligns perfectly with Diamond Kinetics’ vision of providing a unified and complete experience for youth baseball and softball athletes and families,” said CJ Handron, CEO and Co-Founder of Diamond Kinetics. “By integrating sidelineHD’s livestreaming and video highlights capabilities into our offering, we are now able to deliver even more value to users as they move from practice-time to in-game action, and vice versa.”

The integration of sidelineHD’s livestreaming and video highlights capabilities will unlock new possibilities for both DK and sidelineHD users. Based on game outcomes, players in the sidelineHD app will now be exposed to more personalized training and instruction pathways, gaining access to guided hitting sessions and MLB content to help them improve their skills while having more fun with DK’s interactive content, challenges, and lightweight mobile games.

“Joining forces with Diamond Kinetics will allow our team to take the streaming experience, in-game content, and performance data to the next level, providing both instructional and social value for our users,” said Ben Jun, CEO of sidelineHD. “With DK’s support, we look forward to delivering personalized video content that enhances training, development, and the overall enjoyment of youth sports.”

SidelineHD will remain a stand-alone application and its capabilities will be integrated into existing and future DK products. DK will also continue to enhance sidelineHD’s product, and add even more value to existing streaming capabilities. As youth players do more in the DK ecosystem they will unlock unique and personalized avenues of expression that will enhance the livestreaming experience, making it even more enjoyable to watch while also generating one-of-a-kind highlight reels ready for distribution on social channels.

The acquisition and other growth initiatives are supported by investment from Diamond Kinetics strategic capital partners, led by Elysian Park Ventures and TNC Ventures, as part of a continued commitment to building innovative companies across the youth sports space. Existing Diamond Kinetics investors include Elysian Park Ventures, TNC Ventures, SeventySix Capital, and Eberg Capital amongst others.

About Diamond Kinetics
Diamond Kinetics (DK), is a leading sports technology company pioneering the future of youth baseball and softball development. With an emphasis on connected devices, computer vision functionality, and virtual reality integration, DK provides affordable and portable mobile technology that enhances real-world play and accelerates learning, development, and overall passion for the game. DK is the Trusted Youth Development Platform of Major League Baseball, and partners with organizations including PONY, Babe Ruth League, Ripken Baseball, USA Baseball, USA Softball, and MLB Players Inc., the business arm of the Major League Baseball Players Association, to reach and engage today’s youth baseball and softball players. For more information, visit www.DiamondKinetics.com

About sidelineHD

SidelineHD is a leading sports broadcasting platform empowering team parents to create professional-quality LIVE broadcast TV-style streams effortlessly integrated with popular social platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Our platform features dynamic scoreboards, player information cards, and real-time sports data, enhancing the viewing experience for a wide range of sports including baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and water polo. With a focus on modern technology, including self-serve livestreaming and real-time AI production, sidelineHD revolutionizes the way game footage is captured and shared. Our mission is to provide affordable and accessible solutions that enable users to celebrate and share the excitement of sports with their communities. For more information, please visit www.sidelineHD.com

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