Do not mix official govt matters with political campaign

Do not mix official govt matters with political campaign

JOHOR BAHRU,. The Johor Menteri Besar and members of the State Legislative Assembly have been reminded to not mix official government matters with the political campaign for the 15th General Election.

State Secretary Tan Sri Dr Azmi Rohani said the matter had been conveyed to them at the recent state executive council (exco) meeting and all parties should respect the ruling.

“Previously, the parliamentary and state elections were held simultaneously, but this time, the state government is still functioning as usual. So, what needs to be taken into account by the state government and its officials is to distinguish between matters involving campaign and government affairs.

“This means that any party matters involving campaigns should not be mixed up with official affairs of the state government,” he told reporters after the handing over of the election writ to returning officers for GE15 here last night.

Also present was Johor Election Commission (EC) director Nor Nekman Jaimon.

Azmi said this when asked for his advice to state government leaders and executive council members in facing GE15.
He said that among the don’ts for Menteri Besar Datuk Onn Hafiz Ghazi and members of the State Assembly when holding official programmes of the state government is not to have equipment and symbols of political parties at the event.

“At official government programmes held during the campaign period, no party campaigning equipment or party symbols are allowed to be used.

“If it is a government programme, let it be a government event,” he added.

Earlier, Azmi handed over the election writ to 26 returning officers for GE15 in Johor.

Yesterday, the EC announced that polling for GE15 is on Nov 19 , while the nomination is on Nov 5 and early voting is on Nov 15.


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