Door still open for Nafuzi to stay as TFC coach: exco

Door still open for Nafuzi to stay as TFC coach: exco

FA Cup achievement after 11-year break warrants his remaining, says Wan Sukairi Wan Abdullah

KUALA NERUS – The Terengganu government has not received any proposal from the Terengganu FC Sdn Bhd management team regarding candidates for the post of head coach next season. As such, Nafuzi Zain still has a chance to remain as the Turtles’ coach and the door is still open for discussions, said state Youth, Sports and Non-Government Development Committee chairman Wan Sukairi Wan Abdullah.

He said that as a stakeholder and member of the organisation’s board of directors, he would always evaluate and monitor developments within the Terengganu FC (TFC) squad. “As a member of the board, we will make a decision based on proposals from the management team, which is headed by chief executive officer Ab Rasid Jusoh.

“We will give them a chance to present their proposals and justifications. After that, we will discuss and make the best decision possible,” he told reporters here.

He said this when asked about candidates for the post of TFC head coach next season, after Nafuzi hinted that he may seek a new home since he has yet to receive any offer from the Turtles to extend his current contract.

Wan Sukairi said Nafuzi deserved to be retained as coach next season based on the team’s current performance and achievements. However, he was quick to point out that the management team had also drawn up plans it feels to be best for the Turtles.

“His success in taking TFC to the FA Cup final after an 11-year hiatus is a massive achievement indeed and one that merits him (Nafuzi) staying on.

“I understand the concern of football fans in the state regarding this matter and I leave it to the management team to give their justifications before a decision is made,” he said. .

– Bernama, September 16, 2022

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