Duchesnay Pharmaceutical Group awarded prestigious Parity Certification™ by Women in Governance

Duchesnay Pharmaceutical Group awarded prestigious Parity Certification™ by Women in Governance

Achievement highlights DPG’s long-standing commitment to diversity and gender parity

BLAINVILLE, QC, July 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – Duchesnay Pharmaceutical Group (DPG), one of the eight companies across the country chosen to participate in the Government of Canada’s Global Hypergrowth Project, is very proud to announce that it has been awarded the Parity Certification™ by Women in Governance (WiG), recognizing its contribution to the mission of supporting women in their career advancement and the realization of their full potential.

The certification is based on an in-depth evaluation of DPG’s policies and results regarding gender parity in its organization, integrating it into every level of the workforce and implementing measures to ensure parity can be maintained over time. The certification is made using a strict procedure certified by the Women in Governance organization and follows a rigorous evaluation by independent authorities of background, statistics, policies and other material supplied them by DPG.

“Given its dynamic nature, gender parity isn’t achieved through pledges but lies in deep commitment and continuous investment in fostering an inclusive environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and contribute meaningfully. By participating in the Parity Certification™ year after year, organizations not only monitor their progress through detailed reports but can also adapt and enhance their practices and programs as societal perceptions shift and organizational landscapes evolve.” — Caroline Codsi, Founder and Chief Equity Officer of WiG.

“All of us at DPG are extremely pleased to have successfully achieved the Parity Certification™ from Women in Governance,” said Éric Gervais, President of DPG. “We have worked diligently and with purpose over the years to take actions and have policies in place to achieve this important goal. Gender parity is a principle we believe in very strongly throughout all aspects of our operations at DPG and as a key driver of our success.”

Duchesnay Pharmaceutical Group traces its roots to a mission to help improve women’s health by developing and making available treatments specifically tailored to women’s needs during pregnancy, after childbirth and throughout life. As a result, the role of women has always been an important one throughout the organization. This has continued in recent years as the organization has pursued its mission, by developing orphan drugs for rare diseases and exporting its know-how to more than 50 countries around the world.

“The vital role of women at all levels and in all functions of our operations at DPG is literally within our corporate DNA and has never been in doubt,” said Caroline Guerru, Vice-President, Human Resources and Communications, for DPG. “The Parity Certification™ by Women in Governance gives us independent and highly respected confirmation that we have made important achievements. We are committed to continuing to do so.”

Women in Governance (WiG) is an organization founded in 2010 to support women in their career advancement and access to decision-making bodies. The organization pursues its mission through its Parity Certification™, inspiring events, as well as governance training and mentoring programs. Learn more about WiG at: https://womeningovernance.world. Learn more about the WiG Parity Certification™ at: https://paritycertification.org.

Duchesnay Pharmaceutical Group (DPG), with its affiliated companies, is headquartered in Blainville, Quebec. The Group consists of six pharmaceutical companies to meet the needs of patients in Canada, the U.S. and abroad. The companies are Duchesnay (Canada) and Duchesnay USA, both dedicated to women’s health; Medunik Canada and Medunik USA, which provide treatments for rare diseases; and Analog Pharma Canada and Analog Pharma, specializing in orphan generic medications. From its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, DPG exports its innovative treatments to more than 50 countries.

DPG is one of the eight companies across the country chosen to participate in the Government of Canada’s Global Hypergrowth Project. This appointment offers exclusive and personalized support for at least two years, in order to accelerate its growth to become an anchor firm in the Canadian economy.

DPG, through its proprietary research and development, and through exclusive partnerships, offers innovative treatments for a variety of medical conditions in women’s health, urology, oncology and for rare diseases, plus lower-cost generic medications. DPG recognizes the dedication and professionalism of its employees and promotes a positive culture and flexible work environment. It is deeply committed to environmental responsibility and to giving back to the community through the support of various charitable organizations.
For more information, please visit https://duchesnaypharmaceuticalgroup.com/en.

SOURCE – Duchesnay Pharmaceutical Group (DPG)


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