Eggs still in short supply in Labuan

Eggs still in short supply in Labuan

LABUAN,. While many shops have recovered from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and kept their shelves restocked, consumers on this duty-free island still find it difficult to get eggs.

Labuan Veterinary Services Department deputy director Dr Larry David said the shortage was due to a limited volume of export from Sabah poultry farms to this island and a surge in demand.

“We requested for one million eggs per month and it was approved by the Sabah Veterinary Services Department in November last year, but records show we only received 750,000 eggs from suppliers.

“Labuan previously received two million eggs every month, and the one million actually are still insufficient to meet the increasing demand here,” he told Bernama when contacted on Friday.

Elfriene S Aguinaldo, manager of Labuan’s largest hypermarket Bataras Sdn Bhd, said they received 3,000 trays of eggs (Grades A, B, C and premium grade) in two batches weekly.

“Of the 3,000, at least 30 per cent are channelled to our branch at the Financial Park Complex, and the remainder are left on our shelves for our regular bake shop and walk-in customers.

“The supply of eggs can last for a day after arrival. We are experiencing supply issues across our fresh egg range. We are working hard to resolve these issues and apologise for any inconvenience caused,” he said.

Elfriene said Grade A eggs are sold at RM15.30 (RM14.70 previously) per tray; Grade B, RM15 (RM14.40); Grade C, RM14.70 (RM14.10); an increase of between 40 sen and 60 sen.

“Looking at the uplift in demand for eggs, the quota of egg supply to Bataras should be increased,” he said.

Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Labuan director Junaidah Arbain said despite the tight supply situation, prices are still within the ceiling levels.

“The volume of supply has remained stable over the last few months amid a slight increase in prices,” she said.

She said there were public complaints on exorbitant prices of eggs but they only involved premium grades, which are not controlled by the ministry.

— Bernama

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