Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Malaysia promotes Investment opportunities for strengthening bilateral relations

Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Malaysia promotes Investment opportunities for strengthening bilateral relations

Kuala Lumpur – The Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has recently intensified its efforts to showcase lucrative investment opportunities in Bahrain to Malaysian investors, as part of its ongoing commitment to deepening bilateral trade and investment ties.

Bahrain’s strategic position at the heart of the Gulf region makes it an attractive gateway to the over $2 trillion Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) market and the broader Middle East and North Africa market.

With exceptional connectivity, Bahrain is directly linked to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia via the King Fahad Causeway, providing unfettered access to the GCC’s largest market, with its rapidly expanding consumer base.

Foreign enterprises and investors stand to benefit from significant advantages when operating in Bahrain. The Kingdom is renowned for its competitive operating costs, a conducive business environment, and a forward-thinking government.

Bahrain offers high- yield investment opportunities for businesses seeking to penetrate the region, supported by a favorable tax climate and a business-friendly policy that allows for 100% foreign ownership across most sectors.

Bahrain’s Business-Friendly environment, marked by a 0% corporate and income tax, 100% foreign ownership in most sectors, and initiatives like the Golden License, makes it a compelling choice for large-scale investment projects from foreign and local businesses, thereby boosting job creation and fostering national economic growth and diversification.

The “Team Bahrain” approach champions close collaboration between the private and public sectors, creating an innovative and attractive investment environment for businesses to succeed. The highly skilled, diverse, and future-ready workforce, comprising Bahraini nationals and a diverse expat talent pool, positions Bahrain as a hub of innovation and potential for global investors.

Mr. Rashad Farouq Al Sheikh, Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Malaysia, remarked, “Bahrain’s appeal extends beyond its strategic location. With a history spanning over 4,000 years as a vibrant trade center, Bahrain is celebrated for its hospitality, warmth, and progressive outlook. It boasts a thriving financial hub with the highest concentration of Islamic finance institutions in the region and is home to a highly-skilled, bilingual workforce. For potential investors eyeing Bahrain, I wholeheartedly recommend a visit to experience the country first-hand.”

He added, “Bahrain and Malaysia share strong cultural and economic ties, with both countries welcoming tourists and investors reciprocally. Building upon these robust trade relations, we aspire to host a growing number of tourists and investors, fostering even stronger economic bonds in the future.”

Bahrain’s Economic Recovery Plan announced in 2021 in line with the Kingdom’s Economic Vision 2030, is geared towards transitioning the country from post-COVID recovery to long-term sustainability.

It entails the implementation of large-scale projects and initiatives across pivotal economic sectors, with a focus on high-impact non-oil sectors, including financial services, information and communications technology (ICT), manufacturing, logistics, and tourism. The overarching goal is to solidify Bahrain’s position as a leading global economy.

Diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and Malaysia were first established at an ambassadorial level on November 25, 1974. Subsequent years have witnessed numerous high-level visits and Memorandums of Understanding spanning various sectors such as Islamic finance, construction, and oil and gas.

The two nations enjoy robust trade and economic connections, with Malaysia exporting commodities including wood and furniture while receiving imports of aluminum and oil-related products from Bahrain. As of 2022, the total non-oil trade volume between Malaysia and Bahrain reached USD 251 million.



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