Etihad goes on safari next summer with direct flights to Nairobi

Etihad goes on safari next summer with direct flights to Nairobi

Etihad Airways is resuming flights to East Africa with daily flights to Nairobi set to start on 01 May, 2024. The new route connects Kenya’s capital with Etihad’s growing global network, and will help foster important cultural and economic ties between the UAE and the East African powerhouse.

“We are thrilled to be re-starting flights to Nairobi, a dynamic and exciting city in itself and also the gateway to a Kenyan safari, a dream adventure for many travellers, offering a view of the diverse and magnificent wildlife of Africa,” said Antonoaldo Neves, Chief Executive Officer of Etihad Airways.

“Equally, we will be delighted to welcome guests from Kenya to our extraordinary home as well as offering them access to our growing global network.”

The flights will restore commercial non-stop passenger connections between the two cities, and guests from Kenya will be able to connect with Etihad flights to the GCC, the US, Europe, India and South-East Asia.

The link will further stimulate cross-business and trade opportunities between the UAE and the growing Kenyan economy.

Nairobi has an exciting cultural scene, and is one of the major centres of modern African music. The city is also a stepping stone to enjoy Kenya’s legendary safari country, not least the world-famous Masai Mara National Reserve, where lucky visitors can view ‘the big five:’ African elephants, rhinoceros, Cape buffalo, leopards and of course lions.

For East African travellers, the new Nairobi route presents stimulating opportunities to explore Abu Dhabi’s cultural gems and enjoy its famed hospitality. From the awe-inspiring Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to the grandeur of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the city offers an enchanting mix of modernity and tradition, all flavoured by the warmth of Emirati hospitality.

Etihad will operate daily flights to Nairobi, utilising a modern Airbus A320, featuring both Business and Economy cabins as well as the airline’s award-winning service.

Tickets are now available for booking on, offering travellers the opportunity to experience the world-class service and hospitality of Etihad on this exciting new route to Nairobi.


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