Eunisell’s Pioneering Production Facilities to Transform Oil and Gas Landscape

Eunisell’s Pioneering Production Facilities to Transform Oil and Gas Landscape

LAGOS, Nigeria, Aug. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Eunisell, a prominent player in the oil and gas industry, has introduced a groundbreaking solution to reshape the Niger Delta’s oil and gas sector – the Early Production Facilities (EPFs).

Strategically positioned in challenging onshore and remote swamp locales, these facilities are poised to expedite oil and gas production on new or marginal field developments, propelling rapid revenue and early cash flow.

The unveiling took place at the recently concluded Nigerian Annual International Conference and Exhibition (NAICE) 2023.

During the event, Mr. Chika Ikenga, Group Managing Director (GMD) of Eunisell, underscored the pivotal role of these installations, specifically emphasizing the significance of the onshore production facility at Qua Iboe in Oil Mining Lease (OML) 13 and the barge early production facility at the Atala marginal field.

The oil and gas industry in the Niger Delta has long grappled with logistical intricacies, regulatory hurdles, and remote locations hampering timely oil and gas production.

Eunisell’s innovative EPFs offer a reimagined approach by establishing modular and scalable installations bridging the gap between initial development phases and full-scale production. The hallmark features of these installations include efficiency and adaptability, enabling swift production and early revenue generation.

A standout example of Eunisell’s engineering prowess is the Qua Iboe Onshore Facility situated within OML 13. Designed to surmount logistical challenges, this installation, strategically positioned adjacent to the Qua Iboe terminal, utilizes modular design principles to mitigate transportation constraints, subsequently optimizing cost-efficiency.

This streamlined approach not only accelerates economic progress but also aligns with Eunisell’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Conversely, the Atala Barge Facility, nestled within the swamp’s heart, underscores Eunisell’s innovation even within the harshest environments. Its mobility and adaptability empower the facility to navigate evolving conditions, optimizing resource extraction. This dynamic approach ensures consistent production while safeguarding the fragile Niger Delta ecosystem.

Beyond industry implications, Eunisell’s EPFs have generated substantial positive effects within local communities. The creation of job opportunities, skill development initiatives, and community engagement programs have invigorated marginalized regions. Eunisell’s dedication to corporate social responsibility cements its legacy and commitment to nurturing the communities integral to its growth.

Eunisell’s trailblazing Early Production Facilities have not only revolutionized the industry but also established a blueprint for others to emulate. The successes of the Qua Iboe Onshore Facility and the Atala Barge Facility stand as guiding lights for emerging industry entrants, exemplifying the ability of innovation, determination, and audacity to transcend entrenched barriers.

As the sun sets over the serene waters of the Niger Delta, Eunisell’s EPFs cast a glow upon the path toward swift oil and gas yield, early cash flow, and a future where ingenuity overcomes constraints, propelling both communities and economies.

SOURCE Eunisell

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