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Pulau Pinang18 October 2021– After the re-launch of their brand, Nutribear has seen sales soar for the past six months especially when customers are coming back for more.

“The reviews and feedback on the effectiveness of Nutribear Essential Fish Collagen were the main factors of the increased sales, especially during the MCO period,” shared JC Cheng, the founder of Nutribear. She added that many of her customers left raving reviews on her website as well as through Whatsapp.

Nutribear’s products, especially the Essential Fish Collagen, is made with the highest-quality grade ingredients with its nutrients intact. There is no need for exaggerated claims to back its quality.

“We let the quality of our collagen speak for itself by keeping things simple. Our products have no buffers and fillers – just the highest-grade collagen,” JC Cheng explains. “Many collagen products out there contained unnecessary additives and sugar, which may adversely affect the body.”

One of Nutribear’s customers testified on the effectiveness of the product, “I saw marked improvement on my skin after consuming Nutribear’s Essential Fish Collagen. Even my mom asked me whether I’ve used new skincare!”

“I diligently consumed 1 scoop of Nutribear’s Essential Fish Collagen daily and after 21 days, I’ve noticed my joints were less creaky, and my skin’s complexion improved tremendously,” one customer testified. “I’ve recommended my mother and colleagues to try it too!”

Another also remarked that the product helped her skin to be more supple after consuming the Essential Fish Collagen in less than a month.

“There were many similar reviews and I’m glad that the customers interacted with us and gave good feedback,” Cheng said. With this motivation, Cheng continues to strive and expand her brand to allow everyone from all walks of life to benefit from.

“Our formula is best suited for people above 30 years old, or those who value the quality of life, has a busy lifestyle and wanted to maintain their health and well-being,” Cheng said excitedly.

Uniquely Formulated for the Best Outcome

Every Nutribear products are uniquely and scientifically formulated. The formulas were tried and tested by a team of experts comprising of nutritionists as well as biotech scientists. This is to ensure that the quality of the products is uncompromised, and most importantly, with proven results.

The QuickMixTM formula by Nutribear allows the granulated fish collagen to dissolve quicker in any drink. Another factor that is welcomed by most of its customers is the absence of the fishy smell that most collagen drinks contain and that made consumption more pleasant, as well as versatile.

Consuming Nutribear Essential Fish Collagen daily will allow the consumers to experience various and visible results such as:

Strengthen bones and jointswhich encourages a healthier lifestyle
Hydrates the skin which delays the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
Aids in wound healing and reduce pigmentation
Prevents brittleness of nails
Nourishes hair follicles for healthier and shinier hair
Keeps eyes and blood vesselshealthy

Each Nutribear Essential Fish Collagen comes in a packaging of 250 grams that is equivalent to a 30-day supply of one-scoop per day. The price is retailed at RM225.00 and is available for purchase on Nutribear’s website.

Cheng also welcomes retailers and distributors in a partnership to sell Nutribear’s products. Those who are keen to explore this business opportunity can contact her team via the website. “I hope this will open up opportunities for businesses especially during this time when we are affected by the pandemic.”

On another note, Cheng has pledged 5% of Nutribear sales to animal conservation, especially the bears on the brink of extinction. “Our target is to donate at least RM50,000 to animal conservation by the end of 2023.”

For more information about Nutribear, please log on to:

Website: nutribear.co
Facebook: facebook.com/nutribearco
Instagram: instagram.com/nutribearofficial

Nutribear Fish Collagen is available at:

1) Sepang, Selangor
Leiya Wellness Sdn Bhd
Facebook: facebook.com/leiyawellness
Instagram: instagram.com/leiyawellness

2) Bukit Mertajam, Penang
Trevi Pharmacy Sdn Bhd
Facebook: facebook.com/trevipharmacy

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