Experts anticipate significant passenger disruptions through JFK and Istanbul airports this summer

Experts anticipate significant passenger disruptions through JFK and Istanbul airports this summer

Leading experts in the airport transfer space are anticipating significant disruptions to the travel experiences of passengers through Istanbul Airport (IST) and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York this summer.

This prediction is based on recent traveller experiences and insider knowledge, plus the fact that both airports are known for their complexity and challenges for passengers, including size, passenger volume, complex layouts, security, customs, and operational complexity.

To avoid risks and reduce stress at crowded airports, Servantrip – the world’s leading B2B tours, activities, and transfer platform – advises travel sellers such as travel agents and tour operators and travellers to follow the following five recommendations:

Allow buffer time: Use services that include buffer time to account for delays through customs and security. To provide better service in complex airports, Servantrip has launched a buffer time service, which allows travellers to add extra time at airports where customs and security complexity are high.

Plan ahead and arrive early: Research the airport layout, terminal maps, and locations of key facilities such as check-in counters, security checkpoints, and gates. Suggest your clients arrive early to navigate the airport, clear security, and handle any unexpected delays.

Collaborate with reliable partners: Choose partners who work closely with airlines, ground transportation providers, and local authorities to minimise disruptions and enhance service reliability.

Adapt to infrastructure changes: Be prepared for ongoing developments at airports like JFK, and plan transfers to avoid congestion and ensure a smoother travel experience.
Manuel Núñez, CEO at Servantrip says: “Navigating complex airports like Istanbul Airport and JFK can be a daunting task for any traveller. At Servantrip, we are committed to providing solutions that alleviate these challenges. We have therefore designed our new ‘buffer time’ service to give travellers the extra time they need to navigate the complexities of customs and security, resulting in a smoother and more stress-free airport experience. By planning ahead and leveraging our professional transfer services, travellers can significantly reduce the risks associated with navigating these complex environments.”

To overcome challenges such as those outlined above Talixo, one of Servantrip’s providers that operates in the most complex airports, automatically tracks the flights for all airport pick-ups, adjusting pick-up times in the event of changes to the flight’s scheduled arrival time and including buffer time to account for any delays through customs. Additionally its proprietary fleet management technology performs automated checks, proactively monitoring drivers’ locations and optimising routes to ensure on-time ride performance, with an emergency dispatch failsafe in the event that a driver cannot perform the ride.

Gabriele Tagliavia, Chief Operating Officer at Talixo, warns that: “We anticipate significant disruptions to passengers’ travel experiences through JFK this summer, despite the long-term benefits of the redevelopment of the airport’s infrastructure. Airport transfers will experience this even more keenly. Where drivers used to wait in the airport’s extensive parking areas before picking up their passengers curbside, the closure of 3,500 spaces has led to severe congestion at pick-up points.”

Another company with significant experience in such situations is, a leading provider of airport transportation services. They regularly connect travellers with reliable transfers in hundreds of cities worldwide and recommend collaborating closely with airlines, ground transportation providers, and local authorities; this collaborative approach minimises transfer disruptions and enhances overall service reliability.

Speaking specifically about Istanbul airport Feyza Akpinar Global Supplier Account Manager & Pricing highlights that: “This summer is likely to be busier than ever and a variety of other factors combined too mean that many visitors arriving to the beautiful city of Istanbul will face delays when it comes to getting through the airport sadly. But the good news is that with the right planning on behalf of the travel agent or tour operator who booked the transfer and the technology we have in place to monitor flights and airport flows, we can together manage passenger expectations and get people to where they want to be on time”.


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